Mirrorless cameras

Using Lumix camera

Mirrorless Cameras

I’ve been reading a lot lately about mirrorless cameras. It’s difficult to avoid reading about them. Browse any photography magazine or blog and many seem to either have sold their DSLR’s and bought a mirrorless camera or are thinking of doing it.

It’s by no means like carrying a hod but a day spent shooting with my Canon 5d2 and I know about it in the evening. The weight is more in the lenses than the camera body but it’s still weight.

Most mirrorless cameras and their lenses are smaller, making the complete package lighter and less bulky. This makes them less conspicuous than an SLR and in some circumstances this can be an advantage. Continue reading “Mirrorless cameras”

Christmas Markets

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 10th December 2016. St. George's Market on a Saturday afternoon. A woman looking at cakes on a stall.

Belfast is lucky to have two markets over the Christmas period, St. George’s Market that’s there all the time and the Continental Christmas Market that sets up in the grounds of the City Hall from Late November until a few days before Christmas.

I was at both this year, as I am most years and as I usually show a few images from the Continental Market I thought that this year I would show some from St. George’s Market. Continue reading “Christmas Markets”

Through the Woods by Sleeklens

I mainly shoot images for stock and like all stock shooters I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce the time I spend in front of a computer processing images.

Around two weeks ago I was contacted by the people at Sleeklens and asked to try their Through the Woods workflow of presets and brushes to evaluate it. No conditions were imposed.

The Through the Woods workflow is targeted towards landscape images and is available for both Lightroom and Photoshop. Continue reading “Through the Woods by Sleeklens”

I’m Back

Antrim Coast near Carnlough, Antrim, Northern Ireland

I’m starting to post to my blog again after an absence of months. In fact this is the first post this year and if I don’t post soon there won’t be any posts this year!

I haven’t got an excuse for not posting, the simple truth being, that although I’ve continued to take photographs, I lost interest in my blog and didn’t make time to post.

Anyway lately I’ve been experimenting with landscapes, I’ve bought myself some filters including a “Big Stopper” and a decent tripod, I spent a few days in New York in April and I’ve made the usual trips to Dublin to update stock and of course the Antrim Coast. Continue reading “I’m Back”