International Women’s Day

International Women's Day, Belfast, 2017
International Women’s Day, Belfast, 2017

International Women’s Day, Belfast, 2017

International Women’s Day is on 8th March but the celebrations and events are running all through the month.

On Saturday, 4th March an estimated 2000 people, mostly women, rallied in Writers’ Square and marched to the City Hall. The atmosphere was light hearted and spirits were high. Rain had been forecast, which is usual,but it stayed away for the most part, which is unusual. Continue reading “International Women’s Day”


I’ve written before about using my Sony RX100. I had the original, known as the MK1. They’re up to the MK5 now.

The RX100 is a remarkable camera. Its tiny, can easily fit in a pocket and yet produce images acceptable to stock agencies. I carried it everywhere with me – in my pocket.

I took it to New York and took hundreds of photographs with it as well as a few videos and when I got home I found there were dust spots on the sensor. It’s a sealed unit (although apparently not sealed against dust) and would have to be dismantled for the sensor to be cleaned. This would, I am reliably informed by experts in my local bar, not be financially viable, so no more RX100. Continue reading “Dusty”

Horse Ploughing and Country Skills

A demonstration of Horse Ploughing and Country Skills is held in the grounds of the Ulster Folk Museum at Holywood in February every year. It’s always held a week before the Mullahead and District Annual Ploughing match in Portadown, one of the main events in the year.

Horse ploughing Holywood

You can see more images here.

I’ve been told some use the Holywood event as preparation for the much larger Mullahead competition. It gives an opportunity to get the horses back to form after the winter. For competitors who have travelled far it allows a week to adjust and settle the horses. Continue reading “Horse Ploughing and Country Skills”

Through the Woods 2

Sleeklens Brushes

In the earlier post on the Sleeklens Through the Woods workflow of presets and brushes I concentrated on the presets and said I would add my experience on the brushes later. This is the post on the brushes.

The Through the Woods workflow consists of 51 presets and 30 brushes. I said in my original post that I was very happy with the presets and expected to save considerable time by using them.

Well I’m still happy with them and I have saved considerable time by using them. Continue reading “Through the Woods 2”

The Cost of Cameras

cash money

The Price of Cameras


I keep an eye on the prices of cameras, lenses, bags, photography things in general. We all like the idea of a bargain, right?

Every January the cost of equipment is kicked to the forefront of my mind as that’s when I need to renew my camera insurance.

The policy is on a new for old basis so I have to price the replacement value of my equipment or probably be under insured.

This year held a few surprises. My main camera is a Canon 5D2. It was introduced, I think, in 2009 and I bought mine in 2012 when the 5D3 was released. With hindsight, it was more camera than I needed for shooting stock. Continue reading “The Cost of Cameras”