Sensor Size

Custom House, Belfast
Custom House

As you will know if you’ve read some of my recent posts I’ve been using Panasonic cameras for general stock shooting.

I’ve came to these little cameras from a full frame Canon 5D MK2 and one of my concerns was the smaller sensor.

I’m using the Panasonics because of their size and weight and also cost. I’ll be upfront and admit the overall image quality is not as good as a full frame camera, especially in low light. Few photographers would argue otherwise.

It’s unreasonable to expect the same quality and the images the Micro Four Thirds cameras produce are easily good enough for general stock shooting.

SSE Arena, Belfast
SSE Arena

I think, because I’ve been experimenting with smaller sensor cameras, I pay more attention to sensor sizes than I used to. So when I came across a review recently of the Fuji GFX 50S medium format camera I read it with more interest than I would’ve in the past given that it costs £6200.

The GFX 50S means that Fuji have a medium format camera and a selection of cropped sensor cameras in the X series. What they don’t have is a camera with what we call a full frame sensor. They obviously don’t feel they need it.

When you think it through you realise that sensor size is no more important than many other aspects you take into account when assessing a camera. You should make your decision, taking into account what aspects are important, depending on your intended use.

Clarendon Dock, Belfast
Clarendon Dock

At present full frame, with around 24 megapixels is the ideal balance between image quality and cost for most general practice photographers shooting subjects from portraits to landscapes. That’s why full frame cameras around this mark are so attractive.

If you do need more resolution you have the option, depending on the manufacturer you prefer of the Canon 5DS, DSR, Nikon D810 or Sony Alpha 7R ll to name the the most popular.

With a medium format camera you get even better quality but you have to pay for it. Cameras such as the Fuji GFX 50S and Hasselblad X1D are edging prices down but they could never be considered cheap.

I’ve decided I don’t need a full frame sensor for stock. The improvement in image quality doesn’t compensate for the increase in weight of the cameras and lenses.

For easily accessible  landscapes and anything that doesn’t involve carrying a large camera for any kind of distance I wouldn’t come to the same conclusion so I will keep my full frame Canon and run both systems together.

Clarendon Dock
Clarendon Dock

Any views? I’d like to hear others thoughts.

Through the Woods 2

Sleeklens Brushes

In the earlier post on the Sleeklens Through the Woods workflow of presets and brushes I concentrated on the presets and said I would add my experience on the brushes later. This is the post on the brushes.

The Through the Woods workflow consists of 51 presets and 30 brushes. I said in my original post that I was very happy with the presets and expected to save considerable time by using them.

Well I’m still happy with them and I have saved considerable time by using them. Continue reading “Through the Woods 2”

Through the Woods by Sleeklens

I mainly shoot images for stock and like all stock shooters I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce the time I spend in front of a computer processing images.

Around two weeks ago I was contacted by the people at Sleeklens and asked to try their Through the Woods workflow of presets and brushes to evaluate it. No conditions were imposed.

The Through the Woods workflow is targeted towards landscape images and is available for both Lightroom and Photoshop. Continue reading “Through the Woods by Sleeklens”

I’m Back

Antrim Coast near Carnlough, Antrim, Northern Ireland

I’m starting to post to my blog again after an absence of months. In fact this is the first post this year and if I don’t post soon there won’t be any posts this year!

I haven’t got an excuse for not posting, the simple truth being, that although I’ve continued to take photographs, I lost interest in my blog and didn’t make time to post.

Anyway lately I’ve been experimenting with landscapes, I’ve bought myself some filters including a “Big Stopper” and a decent tripod, I spent a few days in New York in April and I’ve made the usual trips to Dublin to update stock and of course the Antrim Coast. Continue reading “I’m Back”