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This site will no longer be updated.

Please go to www.riccarpics.com

Entries here typically contain a few images to illustrate a concept or particular event although many more photographs will usually have been taken.  If you are interested is seeing more images then please visit my site on  Photoshelter.

From Photoshelter you will be able to download images for comping. You can also licence photographs and download the image files immediately. Licences are available for both business and personal use and there is the facility to order prints.

Students and Bloggers have you considered stock photography? These days readers expect projects and blog posts will contain interesting photographs to support the writing. Images on my Photoshelter site can be licensed from as little as £4 for personal use and a correctly licensed stock photograph means that there will be no problems in the future. Unauthorised use of a copyrighted image albeit unintentionally can be an expensive and stressful experience.



All images on this site are copyright and cannot be used without my permission.

Please respect copyright.

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