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Sleeklens Brushes

In the earlier post on the Sleeklens Through the Woods workflow of presets and brushes I concentrated on the presets and said I would add my experience on the brushes later. This is the post on the brushes.

The Through the Woods workflow consists of 51 presets and 30 brushes. I said in my original post that I was very happy with the presets and expected to save considerable time by using them.

Well I’m still happy with them and I have saved considerable time by using them.

While presets change the image globally brushes allow you to make targeted adjustments to sections of the photograph. Simply grab a brush to lighten shadows, saturate colours, or increase clarity in an area. It’s easy and quick.

Sleeklens brushes are slightly more involved. There is Clarity and Contrast, Subtle Clarity and so on. There are also brushes to adjust Water Definition, Cloudy Sky Definition and more. Many of the Sleeklens brushes are a combination of adjustments.

As in the presets you can alter the brushes to suit your taste and save them and as in the presets I found some of the adjustments a bit strong. However it’s easy to tone them down.

In stock photography, where most of my images end up, the returns don’t justify excessive time working on an image. The Through the Woods workflow saves time. It often gets me close to where I want with a few mouse clicks and I’ve been using it more than I expected.

For other work, when time spent processing an image is not an issue, the brushes are a quick and simple way to adjust sections of, or even objects in an image. While you can do many adjustments with the brushes included within Lightroom the Sleeklens brushes are a useful addition and give that bit more choice and flexibility.

I’ve given some examples below. While these photographs are unremarkable and I’ve been heavy handed to make the changes more visible, they do show what’s available and I spent less than a minute processing each image.

The Through the Woods workflow, presets and brushes, is available on the Sleeklens site at $39.

It’s worth $39 of anyone’s money!

These are not affiliate links and I do not get payment from Sleeklens should you decide to make a purchase.


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Auto setting in Lightroom


Deep Blue Skies, Cloudy Sky Definition, Buildings, warmed up


Flatiron, New York
Auto setting in Lightroom


Flatiron, New York
Shine into the Sunset, Subtle Clarity on Flatiron building, warmed up


Antrim Coast
Lightroom Auto


Antrim Coast
Shine into the Sunset, Contrast and Clarity on rocks, Cloudy Sky Definition, increase green.


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