St. Paddy’s Day in Black and White

St. Patrick’s Day, Belfast, 2017

There’s nothing like a day of solid rain to remind you that, although it’s Spring, you’re in Ireland and “You don’t come to Ireland for the weather”.

This St. Patrick’s Day we were reminded we were in Ireland. In case there was any doubt it was cold as well.

Waiting in the rain
Waiting in the rain

You have to feel for the people who organise these events, especially as many are volunteers. They give up their free time, live and breathe planning the event and on the morning it’s all to happen – it rains. But they won’t let it put them off, they make the best of it, work to make it a success and they’ll be back next year. Continue reading “St. Paddy’s Day in Black and White”

Christmas Markets

Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 10th December 2016. St. George's Market on a Saturday afternoon. A woman looking at cakes on a stall.

Belfast is lucky to have two markets over the Christmas period, St. George’s Market that’s there all the time and the Continental Christmas Market that sets up in the grounds of the City Hall from Late November until a few days before Christmas.

I was at both this year, as I am most years and as I usually show a few images from the Continental Market I thought that this year I would show some from St. George’s Market. Continue reading “Christmas Markets”

Belfast again

Commercial Court


As winter closes in and Christmas draws ever closer you can feel the good will and excitement in the city even as the weather gets colder and the rain heavier.

There has been snow on higher ground on the outskirts but I haven’t heard talk of a White Christmas as yet.

The Christmas Market is in the grounds of the City hall and getting busier by the day while the shops echo to the sound of Christmas music and the bars and restaurants cope with Christmas functions. Continue reading “Belfast again”