Lagan Locks

In 1613 Belfast was made a town by James I, starting the journey towards the city we know today. To celebrate the past four hundred years events are being held over the year across the city and today a Belfast 400 festival was held in the grounds of the City Hall.

Some stalls from St. Georges Market had moved to the grounds, there was face painting for the kids, music and BMX Stunt Bikers doing their thing.

While my wife went shopping I killed some time, had a coffee and took some photographs.

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Belfast 400 Street entertainers J Orr
Street Entertainers


Belfast 400 J Orr stunt bmx bikes
Stunt Bikes


There has been many, many thousands of words written about how to present portfolios, blogs, websites and even yourself. I’m sure someone somewhere has decreed that black and white and coloured images should not be displayed together but this just seems to work better in black and white.

Belfast 400 J Orr group music
Musical Interlude


Now to cover the title of this post. Recently I saw a photograph of a bridge in Paris covered in padlocks and now I’ve noticed these padlocks on the Lagan Footbridge. Some seem relatively new but others looked as if they’d been there for a while. I’ve walked past them many times without giving them a thought and it took the photograph of the bridge in Paris to make them register with me. Hopefully there’ll be many more over the years and the council won’t feel they have to remove them.

Lagan locks Belfast J Orr
Lagan Locks




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