I’ve written before about using my Sony RX100. I had the original, known as the MK1. They’re up to the MK5 now.

The RX100 is a remarkable camera. Its tiny, can easily fit in a pocket and yet produce images acceptable to stock agencies. I carried it everywhere with me – in my pocket.

I took it to New York and took hundreds of photographs with it as well as a few videos and when I got home I found there were dust spots on the sensor. It’s a sealed unit (although apparently not sealed against dust) and would have to be dismantled for the sensor to be cleaned. This would, I am reliably informed by experts in my local bar, not be financially viable, so no more RX100.

I know that had I kept it in a pouch it would may have remained dust free for much longer but it was easier to access when I had it in my jacket pocket and It was bought as a pocket camera.

An expensive lesson – I will never buy another camera if I cannot remove the lens to clean the sensor.

I know you should never say never as such statements have a way of coming back to bite you. I considered deleting it but then I saw the MK5 was selling for over £900 so any back pedaling I may have to do will be a long time coming.

The Sony has been replaced with a small Panasonic. Larger, it doesn’t fit in my pocket,  but I can remove the lens and clean the sensor.

Fast Food, New York
Fast Food, New York

This photograph was taken with the little RX100 as dusk was falling. The dust spots are not visible because of the nature of the image but they are there.

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